Indy’s 1st Annual Alumni Softball Game

Members of the First Annual Alumni Softball Game.(Ron Morris)
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On Friday night at Independence High School, softball coach Amanda Larry hosted the first annual alumni softball game.  Twenty former Lady Patriots softball players returned to take part in a very successful event.

Coach Amanda Larry helping out in center field.(Ron Morris)

Some rules changes were placed into effect for the game.  One such rule was when a batter came to the plate, she already had a one-and-one count.  Another rule change was if a hitter had two strikes and hit a foul ball, that was strike three.

However, even with the rule changes and with a game that was played mostly in the rain, it was obvious that the former players enjoyed coming back to Indy and taking part in the game.  It was also apparent that the fans enjoyed the game, as no one left in spite of the rainy weather.  And after the game, fans were telling coach Larry, “do this every year.”

Olivia Pauldin, class of 2017, hits to the outfield in the pouring rain.(Ron Morris)

The returning Lady Patriots were:  Class of 1988 –  Nicole Osbourne and Laura Rushing, Class of 1992 – Pam Grant,  Class of 1993 – Carli Butler,  Class of 1994 – Shannon Adkins and Jennifer Romero-Burris, Class of 1995 and Indy Social Studies teacher -Noel Hamrick, Class of 1996 – Julie Maynor, Amy Melton and Casey Brandon, Class of 2004 – Lynsey Downs, Class of 2012 – Erin Standley Estes and Katherine Clubb, Class of 2014 – Lauren Raker, Logan Raker, Morgan Hazen, Madison Comer and Brittany Guidera,  Class of 2015 – Hailey Sebastian, and Class of 2017 – Olivia Pauldin.

Shortstop Laura Rushing, Class of 1988, making a play to first base.(Ron Morris)

The former players were divided into Team Legends and Team Icons.  After six and a half innings of play, the Icons won the game 5-3.

Members of Team Icons. The Icons won the game 5-3.(Ron Morris)
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