Independence Football Seniors – First 12, Part 1

Indy Patriots Football Seniors.
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Chris  Andersen –  Chris who is a big left tackle at 6′ 0″ 265 pounds for the Patriots has been on the football team at Indy for the past two seasons.  What motivates Chris is to watch how hard his fellow seniors and teammates work in the classroom and on the football field.  His academic goals this senior year is to finish with all A’s in his classes.  It would be nice to go out on top scholastically this year according to the big fella.  He plans on attending college in the Fall of 2018, however, he has not made up his mind which college he will attend.  The most influential people in my life are his parents who are the hardest working adult individuals he knows.  It’s really appreciated and their support has been great.  His advice to his teammates is to work hard and enjoy the good times while they last.

Elijah Beamer –  The senior 185 pound running back for the Patriots had a very solid season for Indy.  He has been on the varsity football team since his freshman season.  What motivates Elijah is to better himself as a student athlete and to work hard to succeed.  His goals this year are to graduate with a 3.0 GPA or better and receive all-conference recognition. After graduation he plans to attend a four year college, study business administration and play football.  The most influential folks in his life are his grandparents and his faith in God.  They have instilled his faith and work ethic which has assisted him in making better and more informed decisions.

Corbin Berkovics –  Corbin who is the starting right tackle at 6’2″ 281 pounds for the Patriots has been a solid performer for Indy.  For a big fellow he is a pretty good baseball player with power for Independence making him a two sport student athlete.  He played four years on the varsity football team improving with each season as his playing time increased.  What motivates Corbin is to achieve solid grades and attend a good college of his choice.  His goals this season were to have a winning football team and to win the conference in baseball this coming Spring.  Also, to continue to make good grades in the classroom.  After graduation going to college and seriously consider attending UNC at Charlotte.  The most influential players are his best friends Jacob Lee, Chase Rappe and Austin Milke.  What’s most important to Corbin is hard work and always giving your best effort.

Dylan Bryan – Number 11 the standout wide receiver for the Patriots and SW4A Conference leader in passing reception yardage had an outstanding season for Indy.  He is also a two sport student athlete who competes in track and field for the school.  He has been in the football program for three years.  What motivates Dylan is to represent himself and the school in a positive and respectful way at all times.  He enjoys making friends and wants to become a better person and man.  He is an excellent student with a 4.6 GPA and has a strong desire to continue to play football in college.  He certainly has the speed, soft hands, and on the field awareness, however, his size at 5’9″ and 160 pounds may limit  his college options as a football player.  After graduation attending a four year college and majoring in the sciences is his first priority.  His family including brothers, sisters and especially his parents have all had a positive influence in his life.

Mitchell Cochran Mitchell is a center and defensive end for Indy.  He has been on the varsity football team for 2 years.  He is a dual sport student athlete who is a wrestler for the Patriots for the past three years.  What motivates Mitchell is to strive to become a better person and man.  He is a solid student with a good GPA and wants to improve upon his current class ranking by finishing high school scholastically very strong.  After his graduation he plans on going to the Citadel in Charleston.  The people who have been most influential are his parents,  brothers, former Patriot Football Coach Hal Brown and Coach Kyle.

Ty Clawson –  Number 44 the outstanding 5′ 11″ 210 pound senior linebacker for the Patriots has played all four years on the varsity football team.  He is also a two sport student athlete as he competes in track and field events for Indy.  What motivates Ty is to earn a college football scholarship and become a better person.  As a 2016 SW4A all conference player and honorable mention in 2015 he has some solid credentials.  Also, to continue to stay focused on academics so he can have a good life after his playing days are over.  The most influential people are his parents for their support and guidance helping him keep his eye on the goal.  His advice to teammates is “get your schoolwork done, work hard and get stronger,” said the 2106 Varsity Football Team MVP.

Weston Cook – Wes was the starting QB for the Patriots for a good part of the season.  A few injuries seemed to have impacted his final campaign.  He has been in the Indy football program for the past three years.  What motivates him is to be a leader, competition, and to get an opportunity at college football.  His goals this senior year are to continue to increase his GPA and to become a better athlete where he can help his team compete and win.  After graduation he wants to attend a good college of his choice.  His parents have been the most influential people in his life.  Wes has advice for his teammates, especially the underclassman to “make sure your grades are good and take your studies seriously,” said the senior QB.

Pierce Dolan – The senior defensive end and linebacker has been on the varsity team for the past two seasons.  What motivates Pierce are his teammates and workouts after practice in between his studies when he gets home.  His academic goals are to maintain  B’s or above in all classes.  After graduation he has not made up his mind what path he will follow.  He is considering his college options or joining the military.  He may consider combining both alternatives to earn more finances for college and honorably serve his country.  His father has been the most influential person in his life.  His advice to his younger teammates is to stay focused and listen to the coaches, they know what they are doing.

Chase Dunn – This senior right guard stands at 5’9″ weighing 245 pounds has been on the varsity football team for 2 years.  He is also a lacrosse player making him a two sport student athlete.  What motivates him are his teammates, mom’s amazing cooking and his dad’s background as a former athlete. His goals this year are to finish with a solid 3.5 GPA, have a winning season and get recognized for all-conference honors.  After graduation he intends to enter into a college of his choice.  He is exploring all his options and has made no commitments.  The most influential people in life have been his parents.  His advice to his teammates for next season is to live in the weight room, get stronger and work on improving fundamentals.

Dalton Eller – Dalton is a 5′ 11″ 252 pound defensive lineman who has been on the varsity football team for the past three years.  What motivates him is all the hard work his teammates have put into the football program to change direction under some stressful circumstances at Indy.  His goal this season was to get noticed for a potential football scholarship to a college and to focus on academic achievement.  He certainly plans on attending college in the fall of 2018.  The most influential people in life are his parents and teammates.  Dalton’s advice to younger teammates is “just keep working hard everyday, your time will come in due time.”

Aaron Fowler –  This senior who is a defensive end is a hard worker a grinder.  What he lacks in size at 5’10” 160 pounds he makes up with heart.  He is new to the football program being on the varsity team his senior year.  What motivates him is the opportunity to be part of something that is bigger than himself.  “It’s been a positive experience, said Aaron.  He is the kind of kid who just wants to give it his all, what high school sports is supposed to be all about.  His plans after graduation are first to attend college and then enter into military service.  His parents and coaches have been most influential in his life to date as they all push him to do his best.  Aaron’s advice is to never stop pushing through when times get rough, the reward is well worth the sacrifice.

Matthew “Matt” Gordy –  Matt is a 6’2″ 170 pound wide receiver and defensive back for the Patriots.  He has been on the varsity for the past two seasons at Indy.  What motivates him is that he sets a good example and people look up to him on and off the field.  His goals this senior year are to continue to get good grades and win as many football games as this team is capable of accomplishing.  After graduation he plans on attending a college or university of his choice.  The most influential adults in his life are his parents who always support and push him to do better.  His advice to upcoming Patriot players is to keep grinding and trust the process, the system works.

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