Hannah Cobb Indy Senior Lacrosse Defender

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Hannah Cobb is the only young lady who has been on the girls lacrosse team for all four years of her high school athletic career at Independence under Coach Melissa LaDez.  She is a very aggressive player who enjoys the contact, competition, camaraderie, and the motivation from the coach and teammates.  “Hannah plays the game because she loves it, lacrosse is a way of life it keeps me really focused,” said Hannah.  She is also a member of the “Dream Team” at school which is a group of students who make a difference on campus who promote anti-drugs, alcohol, and tobacco use.

“When it comes to academics being involved in sports helps me to better manage my time, stay organized, and plan around my schedule,” said Hannah.  Being busy seems to keep her more focused upon the tasks at hand.

She has a workout routine where she runs 2 miles daily at the Korean Veterans Memorial Park in Mint Hill.  It helps with her stamina while cleansing her mind in a good and safe atmosphere.  Of course daily practice sessions and games keep her in good condition to compete physically and mentally.

What motivates her are both the coaches and her teammates.  “I don’t want to let anyone down,” said Hannah.  She wants to remain focused on being a student who just happens to play a game she loves with some really great people and friends.

After graduation she will be attending UNC, Wilmington in the fall.  Hannah plans on majoring in biology and taking pre-medicine electives.  She hopes to become a pediatrician someday as she enjoys being around children.  She plans on focusing on her studies, however, she would like to remain active on the club lacrosse team on campus.

Up Close and personal with Hannah:

  • The most influential people in her life are her parents.  They have always supported her endeavors and interests.  However, her parents in middle school introduced her to lacrosse by attending a tryout.  She instantly fell in love with the sport.
  • Favorite college team is UNC, Chapel Hill lacrosse and basketball.
  • She follows the Carolina Panthers and is currently a huge Christian McCaffrey fan.
  • She enjoys hockey as a second sport and will follow the UNCW Seahawks soon.
  • Most watched television program is “New Girl”.
  • Enjoys a variety of music and “Big Time Rush” is her favorite group.
  • Most interesting academic subjects are health and physical education, anatomy.
  • Advice to underclassman is don’t take time spent on the field for granted.  High School goes by so quickly, play for one another and listen to the coaches.

A special thank you to Coach Melissa LaDez who has helped me grow as a person, given me guidance and direction.  Coach has been a great mentor and motivator.  Also, another big thank you for my friends Agi, Katie, Mo, Dylan, and Matthew for always being there for me.

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