Hailey Spath Senior Right-back at Independence

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Hailey Spath has been a member the varsity girls soccer team for all four years of her high school athletic career.  She is one of the team’s leaders who is also a member of the National Honor Society.  As a right-back, her prime responsibility is to defend against the opponents attacking players.

When it comes to academics and soccer, she makes sure there is plenty of time available to get her assignments completed and prepared for the next day’s schedule.  During her last semester, she is taking advantage of the early release program offered to seniors who qualify by taking four classes.  This gives her the opportunity to get all the homework and assignments done prior to practice.  She uses a daily planner, and takes excellent notes to remain well organized while managing her time efficiently.

Hailey works on her endurance outside of practice sessions at school by running two or three miles weekly at McAlpine Park.  She will also workout with her mom on weekends, running on a treadmill, including flexible stretching exercises to build up legs and core body strength.

What motivates Hailey is to make a name for herself.  She appreciates recognition for all the hours of hard work and dedication she has put into the soccer program.  She is a senior team leader and wants to lead by example where others can look up to her for inspiration. “I want to be known as a good teammate and reliable friend to all of my team members,”  said Hailey.

After graduation, Hailey will be attending UNCW in Wilmington.  She currently plans to major in International Business with a focus on non-profits.  She also plans to go abroad through a UNCW study program.  Hailey is considering the possibility of walking-on for soccer at college, or just participate in club soccer and concentrate on academics.

Up Close and Personal with Hailey:    

  • The most influential person in her life is her grandmother, who lives in Seattle.  Also, she is always striving to make her parents proud of her accomplishments.
  • She likes to travel, enjoys photography and music.
  • Hailey likes professional football and follows the Pittsburgh Steelers.  She also is a big fan of USA National Women’s Soccer.
  • Her favorite movie is Coraline.
  • She enjoys Red Hot Chili Peppers, Elvis Presley music, and hip-hop prior to games while traveling on the team bus.
  • Her favorite academic subjects are math and astronomy.
  • Advice for younger teammates is to make the best of what you have, find comfort and camaraderie in playing with teammates.

Finally, she is thankful for the family and home Independence soccer has provided for her throughout high school.  “It is comforting to know how much my teammates and coaches have made a positive difference in my life,” said Hailey.  “Also, a shout-out to all our loyal fans.”

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