Geralyn Love Senior Left Back for Indy Girls Soccer Club

Geralyn Love plays left back for the Lady Patriots varsity soccer club.  Her role is primarily a defensive position applying pressure on the opponents forwards or attacking offensive players.  She has been on the soccer team for the past 2 years, and is also a cheerleader for the Patriots during the football and basketball seasons.

When factoring in academics and sports “it’s important to make sure you manage your time, plan accordingly, and be well organized to meet all your obligations,” said Geralyn.

She does not have a regular workout routine designed specifically for soccer.  However, she jogs and does stretching exercises beyond the normal practices and games during any particular week.

As an individual what motives her is trying to always improve herself first as a person and secondly as a teammate.  ” I want to become the best version of myself,” said Geralyn.  As an athlete it’s the competition that is stimulating and motivating, this is the real challenge.  Also, to learn from her mistakes on the field so she can improve her performance.

After graduation Geralyn plans to attend UNC-Wilmington and major in psychology.  She is seriously considering attending graduate school to eventually become a psychologist.  She plans to participate in intramural or club sports to remain physically active, however, her main focus will be on academics.

Up Close and Personal with Geralyn:  

  • The folks who have had the most influence in her life is the immediate family.  “My dad is always pushing me, and will give support and encouragement,” said Geralyn.  Her mom and younger sister Gabby and brother attend the games and support the team.
  • She will cheer for the Seahawks, however, Geralyn really enjoys spending time with her friends.  Especially at the IHop for stacks of pancakes with the crowd.
  • Favorite television show is “Castle.”
  • Enjoys listening to a variety of music and will dance to any type of music.
  • She enjoys beach volleyball as a sport other than soccer.
  • Most interesting academic subjects are Spanish and Psychology.
  • Advice to underclassman is to continue to grow and learn about yourself.  Also, to fully enjoy your time in high school because the time goes by very quickly.

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