Geralyn Love Indy Patriot Senior Cheer

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Geralyn Love
[/media-credit] Geralyn Love

Geralyn is a pleasant and focused young lady. She comes across as being very helpful and a supportive team member of the Indy Cheerleading squad. Geralyn has been on the cheer team for the past two years.

She really appreciates the opportunity to be a cheerleader since it gives her the enjoyment of achieving different milestones depending upon the occasion. “The team is involved in many diverse activities and events it’s just really fulfilling when we look good, Geralyn said.”
When it comes to juggling school work and sports as an athlete, the individual has to want to “excel or do well. “The drive to push yourself must come from within to strive for success in both endeavors.”

Therefore, planning, organizing, and managing time becomes a challenge so you must be more disciplined to work harder and smarter. “This is really something you have to want for yourself.”
As a base position member of the team she helps lift the flyer and catch her teammate safely on her way down from the lift. This takes concentration, knowing the count, and having a strong foundation of core body strength, especially the legs must be strong.
Her typical daily workout consists of stretching, running, squats, sit-ups and push-ups. Coach Rhodes is a stickler on building our core body strength so the team is in good physical condition, she said.
What motivates her is the enjoyment of cheerleading and “I love it when the team as a whole looks good, so I try to do my part to contribute.” Also, her parents, coach and teammates are a motivating factor as she does not want to let them down.
Her plans after graduation include attending college, however, she has not decided what institution of higher learning she will attend next fall. Geralyn is considering her options as she wants to major in psychology.
Up Close and Personal with Geralyn:
Who is the biggest influence in your life? My family, I really appreciate them so much.
Favorite college team? She does not have any, but will cheer for the college she attends.
Favorite professional team? Carolina Panthers
Other than Cheer what is your favorite sport? Soccer
Favorite music? She will dance to any type of music.
Favorite movie? Princess and the Frog
Pregame rituals? Not really, however we eat together, and I pray for everyone’s safety.
What are your favorite academic subjects? Spanish and Psychology
What advice would you give to younger teammates? Continue to grow and learn to be an example to those around you.
In your opinion who is the team leader and why? Paige Strickland, she leads by example and is the team Captain.

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