Dylan Giorgio Crafty Senior Pitching Ace for Indy

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Dylan Giorgio the crafty left hander for the Patriots has been involved in the Independence baseball program for all four years of high school.  He pitched and played first base on the JV team as a freshman.  He was promoted to the varsity team during his sophomore year and has developed into an impact player.

As a student athlete he has concentrated on making sure he achieves his academic goals.  During the last semester of his senior year, he is taking advantage of an early release so he can focus more time on the game of baseball his final season.  School is still his first priority, and he has been successful academically with a 4.58 GPA as an honor roll student.  “Key to being a high achiever is making a commitment to being well organized, planning ahead, putting in the hard work and managing my time,” said Dylan.

He does have a regular workout routine, which consists of weight lifting and getting in the batting cages on weekends.  Also, during practice sessions on campus, he runs sprints, stretches, takes infield drills, and throws to keep his arm loose and strong.  “It’s important to have a regular schedule to follow,” said Dylan.

What keeps him motivated and focused is to consistently work hard in everything he does in school or on the diamond.  “I want to always give it my best,” said Dylan.  “It’s also fun to compete and a challenge to improve my skills.” He has five pitches in his arsenal, which are the 4 seam and 2 seam fastball, change-up, curveball, and knuckleball.

After graduation Dylan will be attending Clemson University and plans to major in architectural engineering.  He definitely wants to remain active physically and will participate in intramural sports on campus.

Up Close and Personal with Dylan:

  • His parents have been huge supporters of Dylan in all activities.  Also, his family, friends, and teammates have been great.
  • Two favorite college teams are the Clemson Tigers and UNC.
  • Favorite professional team is the New York Yankees
  • He is a baseball junkie and does not play any other sport seriously.
  • He really enjoys the Marvel Movies,and Spider-Man is his favorite.
  • Dylan listens to both Hip-Hop and Rap music.
  • Among his favorite subjects are math and science.
  • His advice to underclassman is always take everything seriously.  It won’t last forever, try to enjoy your time at Indy and move on with your life and make the most of the journey.

Dylan plans to play senior American Legion baseball this summer to complete his baseball exploits in our area.






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