Daniel “Stop ‘em, Danno” Smith QGHS Senior Soccer Goalkeeper

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Daniel Smith Goal Keeper
[/media-credit] Daniel Smith Goal Keeper

Daniel Smith certainly has the mentality of a goalkeeper. His role is to stop any penetration of the ball into the Stallions goal net. The goalkeeper is usually the teams only player who can view the entire field, therefore, he can organize the team’s defense and needs to be loud to get other defenders to respond to his directions. Daniel thrives on the responsibility of preventing his opponents from scoring. “It’s a real challenge and a great thrill when you can make an important save and shut down the opposition from getting a goal, he said.”

His approach to juggling his academic requirements and sports is very similar. According to Daniel, it’s about being well organized, having a plan, executing the plan, and managing your time. He usually gets home late between 5:30 and 6:00 PM, spend about 2- 3 hours on homework, study and prepare for the next day. He likes to use flash cards, as he is taking five classes, uses a folder and notebook for his notes. He also uses a daily planner for all his assignments and activities.

His daily workout consists of running, stretching, sprints, agility drills, building core body strength, sit-ups, push-ups and squats. Also, he likes to practice in the net every day to improve his goalkeeping skills and reaction time to different shots and angles.

What motivates him are his parents, family, and teammates are all very supportive. Coach is a big motivator too because he is always positive and corrects us when you make a mistake. He keeps all of us focused on working hard and being our best. “I like to record how I play so I can find weaknesses to correct and improve my game, said Daniel.”

After graduation he plans on attending CPCC for one year. Then transfer to UNC Charlotte and major in a science field leaning toward biochemistry. Also, he plans on joining Air Force ROTC in his sophomore year at UNCC. He might consider the medical field as another option.

Up Close and Personal with Daniel Smith:
Who is the biggest influence in your life? My parents, both have been very supportive.
Favorite college team? Michigan State
Favorite professional team? Baltimore Ravens
Other than soccer what is your favorite sport? Basketball
Favorite music? Hip-Hop
Favorite show? Gray’s Anatomy
Pregame rituals? Listen to music joke around with teammates. I like to keep everyone loose.
What are your favorite academic subjects? Science and Math
What advice would you give to younger teammates? Work as hard as you can all the time. Even though it will hurt the extra effort will pay-off in the long term.
In your opinion who is the team leader and why? Joe Piacesi for sure. He is a very positive influence and has mental toughness.

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