Corey Eads Cross Country Runner at Queens Grant High

Corey Eads
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This is Corey’s first year on the Cross country team.  He has been on the track team for the past two years when he arrived at QGHS.  He runs the 800-meter race and is a long jumper.  He also enjoys the game of golf for relaxation and additional stimulation and to satisfy his competitive nature.

As a senior he is taking a full schedule of five classes so colleges know he is not backing off academically.  “It’s a challenge to stay on top of my studies while learning to become a consistent competitive Cross country performer.  He will study during any downtime he has in his schedule and complete homework assignments.  Therefore, managing his time effectively is important and he stays home most weekends to stay on top of his academics.

His typical daily workout routine is to lift weights for strength and to work on his core body.  He runs long distances 3-5 miles to build up his endurance.  He will run on weekends when he does not have a race to maintain a regular regimen.

What motivates Corey are is teammates, coaches, and his family.  “I like to compete, so by running Cross country it gives me the opportunity to satisfy my desire for competition.”  It also helps this athlete to stay focused on working hard when the track season comes into full swing.  According to Corey, he wants to be the best he can be by running competitively instead of for conditioning which should make him stronger this senior year on the track team.

He wants to attend a 4-year university and study a science, engineering or architecture related career field.  He would like to be involved in competing in track and field while at college if given the opportunity.   He has three universities of interest which include Coastal Carolina, UNC Asheville, and East Carolina University.

Up Close and Personal with Corey:

Who is the biggest influence in your life?  My family, Mom and Dad, friends and teachers.

Favorite college team?  UNC Chapel Hill basketball.

Favorite professional team?  Carolina Panthers.

Other than Track and Field/Cross Country what is your favorite sport?  Golf, a person can play this game for a lifetime.

What is your favorite music?  All kinds of music.

What is your favorite video, movie, Netflix?  The Practical Joker, and sports events in general.

Do you have any pregame rituals?  Get myself motivated, “I must finish the race no matter what.”

What are your favorite academic subjects?  Science, all kinds of science it doesn’t matter.

What advice would you give to younger teammates?  Never give up or quit, fight through the pain.

In your opinion who is the team leader and why?  All the seniors lead by working hard, however, Samuel Brooks is very motivated and he sets the pace on our team.  He keeps everyone focused and on course.     

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