Chea “Cheese” Johnson Indy Patriot Senior Point Guard

Chea Johnson
Chea Johnson
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Chea Johnson has been on the varsity basketball team since his sophomore year. He transferred from Olympic High School to join with Coach Preston Davis to make a positive contribution upon the Patriots program.

He is a talented guard who is very effective at breaking a full court press and pushing the ball up court. He is quick and has a good understanding of the game. He is both dependable and consistent offensively and defensively for the Patriots.

When it comes to managing his school work load and being an athlete it can get challenging at times. He knows the importance of keeping his grades in good standing academically. It’s simple if I don’t make my grades in the classroom, I don’t get to play basketball, said Chea. The key is to avoid procrastination and get your homework and studying done.

Beyond his grueling practice schedule at Indy he played AAU basketball over the summer to improve upon his skills. His Dad works at a Recreation Center on Albemarle Road so he takes full advantage of the opportunity to practice shooting, dribbling, rope jumping, and using weights to build up his core body strength.

What motivates him individually is to do as much as possible on his own. He likes being independent and to be able to make decisions for himself. As an athlete he is motivated by other athlete’s success to challenge himself to find out if he could be as good, or become better than his competitors. It’s all about self-improvement, getting better and stronger both mentally and physically. I want to be the best point guard in North Carolina, that is my challenge and motivation, said Chea.

After graduation he wants to play college basketball in a solid division II program. He has received an offer from Catawba Valley College, Hickory, NC, other potential offers could be coming from Winston-Salem State University, and Johnson C. Smith University. He would like to major in architecture engineering while in school.

Up Close and Personal with Chea:
• Other than his father little brother Jahaan sets a good example for his bigger brother. He is competitive so I have to set the bar high for myself to make a positive impact upon him. He is always watching so I don’t want to disappoint him.
• Favorite college player is Malic Monk.
• Favorite professional player is Stephan Curry.
• Other than basketball his favorite sport is baseball.
• Best movie he can watch over and over is Big Daddy.
• He enjoys listening to Rap music.
• Favorite academic subject is math.
• Nickname is Cheese
• Advice for younger teammates is to keep your grades high. The time in high school goes by so quickly, so work hard academically and in athletics.

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