Casey Allen Senior Guard for Independence Patriots

Casey Allen
Casey Allen
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Casey Allen a handsome 6’3″ senior guard has been on the varsity basketball team since his sophomore year.  He is a key player who can enter into a game to put a spark in the Patriot offense and is able to play solid defense.

He makes his mark in every game he has played this season and his contribution does not go unnoticed by Coach Preston Davis.  He is quick, strong and gives maximum effort for the minutes he receives in each and every contest.  His experience and leadership makes him an asset to the team.

How Casey manages his academic schedule with basketball is fairly common among many student athletes.  He takes advantage of an early release program offered to seniors during the season to get himself home early to fully concentrate on getting his homework assignments and projects completed prior to late afternoon practice held at the Indy gymnasium.  Therefore, when he arrives for practice he can give full concentration and effort to the game. He also enjoys the camaraderie with his teammates who are a close group.  Using technology tools such as his iPad or iPhone to manage his time is most important for him to accomplish his daily and weekly tasks.

Other than the daily practices, team meetings and film sessions Casey lifts weights to develop his core body strength, will take extra shots during and after practice in the gym and will run a couple of miles each week on the school track for endurance.

What motivates him are first and foremost his parents.  They have been very supportive throughout his life in both academics and sports.  My parents have always given me the opportunity to develop and grow as a person and athlete, said Casey.  Also, my high school coaches and AAU coach have made a difference in how I approach the game understanding hard work, dedication, courage and commitment are important for success in sports and more importantly in life.

After graduation Casey plans on attending a four year college and would be very excited about having an opportunity to play division II or division III college basketball.  The three colleges who have expressed an interest are Roanoke College, Guilford College, and Brevard College.  He intends to study business administration with a focus on entrepreneurship.

Up Close and Personal with Casey:

  • Other than his parents being most influential and his coaches in particular Coach Davis who stresses life’s lessons to be learned, it’s his cousin Alex Bostic who was drafted by the San Francisco Giants organization to play professional baseball in the minor leagues.  His success inspires me to develop into the best athlete I can become, said Casey.
  • Favorite college team is the Duke Blue Devils.
  • His favorite professional team is the Oklahoma Thunder.
  • Other than basketball his favorite sports are baseball, football, and billiards.  A bunch of teammates meet over at Chase Fairfax house to play billiards which is a lot of fun, said Casey.
  • Best movie is “Black Hawk Down.”
  • He enjoys a variety of music choices.
  • American History is his favorite subject.
  • Advice to younger teammates and athletes is don’t settle for being average.  Work hard, dedicate yourself to self-improvement and never give up.
  • Overall, Casey enjoys hanging out with his teammates on weekends because we are close and like family.  Also, he would like to thank Coach Kennard for preaching to “No your “Why” what’s your reason for doing things.”
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