Cameron Smith Cross Country and Indoor Track Athlete

Cameron Smith
Cameron Smith
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Cameron is a two sport athlete at Independence High School. He is on the Cross country team and is a utility runner in the one mile race and competes in the 100 meter sprint.

He is also focused on his academics and seriously embraces track and field sports. His goal is to obtain an athletic scholarship in a Division II program.

When it comes to his studies and competing in sports managing his time is one of the biggest challenges for every student athlete. To assist in this endeavor Cameron relies upon certain tools such as a daily planner and the reminder App on his IPad. “It’s important that I capture all my assignments, homework, reports and sporting events in a formal way so I can effectively manage my schedule.”

His workout routine will consist of a daily 1 mile warm-up and performing his ABC stretching drills. He will also follow the workout schedule the coach will request for the day. Cameron will make sure he completes these assignments before doing other exercises to develop and strengthen his core body.

What motivates him are his family, friends, coaches and teammates. He likes it when other teammates look up to him for guidance and direction since he considers himself to be a dedicated hard worker. Cameron said, “I don’t like to disappoint my teammates so I make sure I give it my best all the time.”

Sometimes it’s not good enough if you don’t win or finish strong, however, I can accept this could happen on occasion. “Therefore, my goal is to finish every race and to make sure I give it my best effort while making a positive contribution to the team, said Cameron.”

His plans after graduation are to attend a smaller college and major in civil engineering. He would like to participate in a Division II Cross country or track and field athletic program.

Up Close and Personal with Cameron:
Biggest influence in my life? My mom she has always been there and supports me. Coach Waldron has been a great mentor to me as well.
Favorite professional team? Boston Red Sox
Other than Cross country what is your favorite sport? Outdoor Track
Favorite music? 50’s through 70’s Golden Oldies are my favorite
Favorite movies? Disney Films
Any pregame rituals? I always pray before I run.
Favorite subjects? Mathematics, Science, Physics and Chemistry
Advice would you give to younger teammates? Keep going and keep practicing. Never quit on yourself you will regret it.
In your opinion who is the team leader and why? Robert Gibson our team Captain. He is the leader because he motivates the team, is passionate and leads by setting an example for all to follow.

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