A’Yana Dennis Cross Country and Track Senior at Queens Grant High

A'Yana Dennis
A'Yana Dennis
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A’Yana is a likeable young person who is extremely focused on running in both Cross country and track.  She has been a member of both varsity teams since her sophomore year at QGHS.  As a Cross country runner it keeps her in great condition while she can compete and make a positive contribution to the team.  However, track and field is her primary focus and she runs with an AAU Club team “The Stallion Track Club” where she competes in the 400 meter and 800 meter races.  These are the same two races she runs for the varsity track team.

How A’Yana juggles academics and sports as a student athlete is fairly typical of her peers.  She does get an early release which gives her ample time to complete homework assignments, study to prepare for classes and exams.  She has to manage her school work around 2 daily practices during the week.  Therefore, as she stated, “procrastination is not acceptable, I must manage my time efficiently.”

She has a workout routine that includes stretching exercises, sprints, high knee drills, hip flexors, and hamstring drills.  She also runs 2-3 miles daily for endurance.

What motives her is the desire to always improve and get better finish times. “Self-improvement is key in both sports because it impacts you personally and the team’s performance.”  Also, my coaches motivate me to bring out the best in me.

After graduation A’Yana plans to go straight to college.  She wants to major in exercise sciences and possibly consider a career in physical therapy or as personal trainer.  Lane College in Tennessee is currently her number one choice.

Up Close and Personal with A’Yana:

Who is the biggest influence in your life?  My mom and dad who have always been very supportive.

Favorite college sport team?  UNC Chapel Hill Tarheels

Favorite professional team?  Miami Dolphins

Other than Cross country and track what is your favorite sport?  Basketball

Favorite music?  Old School oldies, you can understand the words, and hip-hop.

What is your favorite video, movie, Netflix?  The four-minute mile

Do you have any rituals prior to competition?  Pray first, then tell myself what time I will achieve.

Favorite academic subjects?  Spanish and Math

What advice would you give to younger teammates?  Push yourself, never be afraid to unleash your full potential.

In your opinion who is the team leader and why?  I consider myself to be one of the senior team leaders.  However, our strongest leader on the team is Samuel Brooks who always works hard, keeps everyone focused, and is very vocal in a positive way.

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