Anna Daniel Soccer Forward and Midfielder for Stallions

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Anna Daniel is an aggressive senior soccer player on the Queens Grant High School girls varsity.  She has been a member of the Lady Stallions soccer program for the past two seasons.  Anna has good passing skills, she uses her agility and nifty footwork to her advantage.  She applies offensive pressure on the opponent to direct the ball toward their goalkeeper.  She wants to always be attacking and pushing forward.

When it comes to making time for both her studies and being an athlete, “It’s important to keep a watchful eye on the ultimate objective,” said Anna.  She is focused on her academic subjects to make sure all her assignments and homework are completed before practice and games.  “Our games can end late, especially when we travel, so being organized, having an action plan, and setting a goal are all important to have a positive outcome.”

Other than working hard and giving it her best effort at practice, which translates directly to how she plays in games, she will run on weekends for 2 miles to remain in good condition and build her stamina.  Being physically in shape helps make game day less challenging, according to Anna.  She then can concentrate and focus mentally, which gives her an edge.

What motivates Anna is her future.  “It’s imperative to have good grades and put myself in a favorable position to succeed.  Also, my teammates are motivating because I don’t want to let them down.  I always want my teammates to know I gave it my best effort,” said Anna.

Her plan after graduation is to attend Elon University and major in Public Policy.  She is looking forward to college life, and will make  decisions on what activities she will pursue once she becomes comfortable with the transition.

Up Close and Personal with Anna:  

  • “My soccer mom, for putting up with soccer over the past ten years, has always been supportive of me.  Her influence is truly much appreciated.  Also, who has influenced me over the past two seasons is Coach Pacheco.  He has motivated me to play better, so I put in the effort in return for his sacrifice.”
  • She is a soccer junkie, dedicated to her faith, and teaches Sunday School to young children.
  • Favorite team is Manchester United F.C.
  • Other than soccer,she enjoys playing lacrosse.
  • Best movie is Ferris Buellers Day Off.
  • She enjoys listening to Hip-Hop.
  • Some of her favorite academic subjects are History, Civics, English, and others.
  • Advice to underclassman is to always work hard, give it your all, and never give up.





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