Agisanyang Molapisi Senior Lacrosse Goalkeeper at Independence

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Agisanyang Molapisi has been primarily a goalkeeper for the Lady Patriots lacrosse team during her senior season.  She also has had some playing time as a midfielder for the squad.  She has been on the varsity for the past two years and is an outstanding student athlete.  Agisanyang is a member of the National Honor Society, she has a 4.5 GPA, a member of the “Dream Team”, and is a Junior Marshal.

When is comes to academics she takes this responsibility seriously.  Management of her valuable time, solid planning, and being well organized are the keys to academic success along with having good teachers and understanding the subject matter.  She also uses technology as a tool which includes her iPhone and computer for research on projects and assignments.

She has a separate workout routine which is a little different than most athletes.  She enjoys Zumba music and dancing which helps with her conditioning, leg strength, stamina, and agility.  Also, she will run on a trail in her neighborhood for 1-2 miles regularly.

What motivates her is she has a strong belief that she can always do better and improve herself as an individual and as an athlete.  She likes to ask herself, “how can I become the best at what I’m doing, and what will it take to achieve my objective,” said Agisanyang.

After graduation she plans on attending UNC Chapel Hill and major in chemistry.  Her goal is to enter into medical school to become a cardiothoracic surgeon.  Her focus will be on  academics 95% of the time, however, she will consider club lacrosse or a dance club to remain physically active.  You must feed both the brain and your body to remain healthy, said Agisanyang.

Up Close and Personal with Agisanyang:

  • Most influential persons in her life are mom and coach Melissa LaDez.  “My mom never gives up, she always tries something new, she sets a great example for me.  Coach is one of the best people I have met in my life.  She is funny, humorous, pretty, and has been a great mentor who has provided guidance and direction.  These two women both have it going,” said Agisanyang.
  • She loves to watch UNC, Chapel Hill basketball.  Just can’t wait to be at a home game.
  • Favorite professional team is Madrid Soccer.
  • She enjoys to play both lacrosse and soccer for fun.
  • Most watched television program is “New Girl”.
  • Enjoys a variety of music, not country music, and “Cupcakke” is her favorite artist.
  • Most interesting academic subjects are sciences, chemistry and physics.
  • Advice to underclassman is life comes at you fast, take it slow, work hard and things will work out if you never give up.
  • She loves chocolate, Snickers, Twix, Milky Way, and Smarties.  Coach provides Smarties before games which is a treat.
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