Should You Sell Your House in this Hot Market?

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CHARLOTTE – If you have been thinking about selling, right now may be a perfect time!  You could be making more profit than ever before.   No need to worry about all the extra work of painting and fixing up; buyers are fighting over homes and are not even asking for repairs.  Don’t worry about all those showings and keeping the place clean; most houses are selling within 1-3 days.

There are some things to consider:  Do you have a place to go when your house sells?  Are you willing to rent until you find another home?  Is your timing flexible enough to wait to have a new home built?  Inventory is extremely low, so the possibility of finding another home at a good price may be difficult and take some time.

Make sure to hire a reputable realtor who knows the market and the neighborhood you live in.  She (or he) can give advice on how to get your home ready.  You will be surprised what you do not need to worry about in order to receive a great offer.   A Realtor® works for you as the seller and makes sure the home is priced right and will have your best interest in mind.

Erin and I are here and ready to help you navigate the uncertain Real Estate waters and will get the results you desire.  Give us a call!

Nancy Sherwin (704) 582-3814 / Erin Ferguson (704) 281-5080

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