The Importance Of A Family Meeting

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CHARLOTTE – You may wonder about the reason why I chose this topic.  The answer is simple…I lost a dear friend of mine recently and then found out a client had passed away.  It made me remember the importance of being transparent with your loved ones.

It’s often challenging for families to have conversations about healthcare and estate planning.  Typically, with these conversations comes better communication and clarity.  Keep in mind, while family meetings can be held for wealth, ownership and inheritance discussions, they can also be used to facilitate conversations around objectives, challenges and new opportunities.  In some instances, families find it beneficial to have a professional, such as a financial professional, facilitate a family meeting.  Here are a couple of suggestions when organizing a family meeting.  Acknowledge that each family member may have different needs so establish goals and expectations to help focus the conversation.  Also, plan for future meetings.  Family meetings are usually one step in an ongoing process.

At Fulcrum, we believe communication is key.  This is not to say that holding a family meeting will solve every problem that may come up, but it sure can help.  If you or a family member needs guidance with this please let us know.

Let us help you find your clarity of purpose! 

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