Taking On The Challenges With Passion And Purpose

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CHARLOTTE – Do you like thinking about getting older?  Of course not!  Even though we know our loved ones will age, sometimes it just slaps you in the face.  My aunt takes care of my uncle, who has Parkinson’s Disease.  He’s lived with this disease for years, but is getting to a point where he needs around-the-clock care.  Advanced planning is often a difficult and sensitive topic.  Incapacity can happen gradually over the years, or in the blink of an eye.  How do we address it head-on?

First, better understanding the terminology and definitions is a good place to start.  Learn what incapacity, guardianship, or power of attorney means and educate yourself so you can be better prepared.  Advanced planning is just what it sounds like: preparing ahead of time for your potential or eventual incapacity.  Ask questions such as the type of care you want, who you’d want to be your agent in financial and healthcare matters, and the powers you’d want the agent to have or not have, to name a few.

At Fulcrum, we can help you take the first step with estate planning.  From what my aunt has told me, it’s not a fun process, but it is much needed.  Don’t wait!

Let us help you find your clarity of purpose!

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