Impact Of Inflation And Taxes On A Fixed Rate

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MINT HILL, NC – With all of this market volatility have you thought to yourself, “maybe I should shelter my money in a safe, fixed rate certificate of deposit (CD).”  In an uncertain economic environment, many consumers are seeking products like this.  While benefits such as short-term durations and a guaranteed interest rate can be appealing, two factors are often overlooked that can negatively impact a conservative fixed rate: taxes and inflation.

Many of us do not think of the ”real rate” of return, which majorly impacts fixed income vehicles.  For example, in 2021 the average six-month CD rate was 0.09%.  The lowest it has been since 2000!  Hypothetically, if we use the highest marginal federal income-tax rate based on $100,000 of taxable income for a married couple filing jointly at 22%, along side of inflation, the real return of this CD would be -6.93%.  This may seem drastic, and keep in mind the tax rate assumed will not apply to everyone.  This example gives you a good idea of how things work though.

At Fulcrum, we take the time to dig deeper and educate our clients.  What is a good fit for one client might not be the right fit for you.

Let us help you find your clarity of purpose!

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