42 Incredibly Fun Facts About Money I Bet You Didn’t Know

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MINT HILL, NC – “What are some real facts about money that would be fun to learn about?”  I’m here to share some with you today, and some are astonishing…or at least they were to me.  Let’s jump right in!

  • Money is dirtier than a household toilet and the flu virus can live on a bill for up to 17 days!
  • Martha Washington is the only woman to appear on a U.S. currency note, the $1 Silver Certificate.
  • The first gold rush was in North Carolina – in 1779, a 12-year-old boy found a 17-pound nugget on his family’s farm, which is now Reed Gold Mine.
  • All 50 states are listed across the top of the Lincoln Memorial on the back of a $5 bill – in order to read them, you are going to need a magnifying glass!
  • If you have $10 in your pocket and you have no debt, you are wealthier than 25% of Americans.

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This article was written by Jon Dulin and released by MoneySmartGuides for use by your local Cambridge Investment Research Financial Advisor.  Facts taken from National Archives.

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