3 Things To Know About…Common Investing Mistakes

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MINT HILL, NC – Have you ever been told you aren’t good at something? No one wants to hear that, especially when it comes to investing. The reality is we all make mistakes, but the more knowledgeable we become the more opportunity there is. Here are three common mistakes to be aware of:

Timing the market

Although the financial markets can be remarkably steady over longer time periods, sharp short-term movements in security prices are increasingly frequent. Choosing the ideal moment to buy or sell is difficult, and investors who attempt to time the market may end up missing periods of exceptional returns.

Ignoring the power of diversification

Individual asset classes go in and out of favor over time. Harnessing proper diversification can enhance returns and help to cushion against volatility.

Assuming past performance guarantees future results

That’s why you see “Past performance does not guarantee future results” on every investment marketing piece that mentions performance—because it’s true. You may end up selling when you should be buying, and vice versa.

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