Why Should I Consider Pet Medical Insurance?

Brad Corriher of Brad Corriher State Farm
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Q: Why should I consider pet medical insurance?

A: Your pets are an important part of the family. Whether you are a new or seasoned pet owner, pet medical insurance can help you prepare for the unknown.

You can budget for many of your pet’s needs, but what if something unexpected comes up? Just like humans, pets may need MRIs, medication, or bloodwork.

These medical costs can add up quickly. Fortunately, with the help of pet health insurance, you can rest easy knowing you can afford to give your pet medical care without breaking the bank.

Without assistance from a pet medical policy, diagnostic tests, medication required for chronic conditions, unexpected surgeries, and hospital stays can quickly eat up a pet parent’s budget. This often scares pet parents from taking their pets to the vet as often as needed. It also causes them to regularly switch vets based on the price of service, rather than on the quality of service received.

Pet insurance helps your pets get the care they need as often as they need it, with the vet you trust.

It’s never too late to consider medical insurance for your pet. By researching what works for your family and planning for the unexpected, your pet can be protected when they need it most.

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