Do I Need Moving Insurance?

Photo courtesy of Brad Corriher State Farm
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Q: Do I need moving insurance?

A: Most people don’t realize that homeowners or renters insurance may not cover loss or damage to your possessions while in transit.

Moving companies offer various insurance options, two of which are mandated by federal law. They are:

  • Released value coverage (or basic carrier liability). This liability coverage is free and based on weight, paying up to 60 cents per pound for an item.
  • Full value protection (or full replacement value protection). This coverage has to be purchased, but experts recommend it because it pays for either the current market replacement value of an item, replacement with a similar item, or the item’s repair.
  • Separate liability insurance. Some movers offer this optional insurance for purchase. Separate liability insurance pays for the insurance amount purchased minus the basic carrier liability amount that the mover pays (up to 60 cents per pound).

Note that if you do the move yourself, your homeowners or auto insurance policy may offer limited coverage for your possessions. 

To file a claim, you may need to prove that the item was actually damaged during the move and not beforehand. A comprehensive inventory list — which should include items like jewelry, silverware, and digital devices — can support your claim. It’s also wise to take before and after pictures and file your claim promptly to facilitate reimbursement.

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