Town meeting covers Bond Referendums

New proposed stadium site plan. (Town of Mint Hill)
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Brian Welch, Town Manager. (Ed Berti)
Gail Honeycutt and Carol Timblin attending the public meeting. (Ed Berti)

On Wednesday October 3rd there was an informative public Town Hall meeting held concerning the two bond referendums that will be on the November 6th ballot.

Town Manager, Brian Welch led the meeting and answered every question proposed by the public in attendance.  As Town Manager, Welch serves as the Chief Executive Officer of the town and has full responsibility for overseeing its day-to-day operations.  Also, Steve Frey was available to answer and discuss any questions or concerns of the residents of Mint Hill who were in attendance.

Proposed multi-purpose Athletic fields on Brief Road. (Town of Mint Hill)

Some key points that came out of the meeting as it pertains to the proposed 2,500 seat, 500 standing room capacity stadium development is the following.

  1. The current estimated cost is $9 million.
  2. The Town will require more police and fire personnel to manage traffic, safety and security.
  3. There will be sufficient parking at the proposed stadium at Veterans Memorial Park.
  4. The Town has plans for events such as concerts, tournaments and other community functions at the stadium.  A possible ice rink during the winter months was mentioned.
  5. The Town anticipates a hotel investment if the project is approved including additional development of restaurants along route 218 and downtown Mint Hill.
  6. Town plans on establishing effective traffic patterns to handle expected congestion.
  7. There are plans to access the stadium from Quail Park Drive and improved pedestrian connectivity from the existing park facility.

Regarding the proposed Athletic Park on Brief Road across from the current Mint Hill Athletic Association complex, the following is applicable.

  1. The current estimated cost is $6 million.
  2. Four full sized (120 yard x 75 yard multi-purpose use athletic fields including one synthetic turf lighted field.
  3. Approximately 280 additional parking spaces is planned.
  4. Paved walking and jogging path.
  5. Picnic shelters and more restrooms will be available.
  6. Plans for both pedestrian and traffic improvements on Brief Road.

Furthermore, it was made very clear there will be a tax increase of up to .05 per $100 of property valuation from the current .027 up to .032 effective 2021.  The  tax increase will be used to pay down both bonds that will be on the November 6th ballot.  This includes  the Bain School renovation project and the proposed stadium and athletic field projects.

Under General Statute 159-48, item (3) legally covers the Bain School facilities renovation bond referendum, while item (13) covers the parks and recreation bond referendum.  Regarding concerns about combining the athletic fields and and stadium projects instead of proposing separate bonds for each project, it was stated at the meeting by Brian Welch, the town can only spend funds or money for a specific purpose.  By combining the parks and recreation projects it gives the town the flexibility to have sufficient funds to complete both projects.  For example, if the town submitted a specific amount of funds for the athletic fields and their was a cost overrun they would have to make up the shortfall through outside financing from a bank or another financial institution.  There is no allowance for a supplemental bond request.

If you have any additional questions please contact Brian Welch, Town Manager, or Steve Frey, PE, Town Engineer & Director of Public Works at 704-545-9726.  Their e-mail addresses are and if you would like to send a written communication.

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