Tips For Keeping Your Pets Safe This Thanksgiving

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The North Carolina Medical Association (NCVMA) is an organization dedicated to raising awareness for proper pet care. We have local veterinarians on-hand who can share some helpful safety tips for your pets this holiday.

Such tips include:

  • Avoid feeding pets turkey: Even giving your pet a small amount of turkey is not a good idea. Turkey and turkey skin can cause inflammation of their digestive tract which can cause problems such as vomiting, bloating and gas. This may eventually lead to a life-threatening condition called pancreatitis.
  • Take out the trash as soon as possible: Things like turkey bones, aluminum foil, plastic wrap and certain leftover foods could all cause extreme stomach pains to pets. Keep the garbage out of sight and reach from your pet and remove it from your home as quickly as possible.
  • Beware of decorative plants: Even though it’s not quite Christmas time, many people have poinsettias and other plants on display. Keep these out of the reach of pets, as ingesting them is toxic to both cats and dogs.
  • Precautions for holiday guests: If you are expecting out of town guests, then be sure your pets have their identification up to date in the case that they escape while a door is left open.
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