Some tips for the flu season

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The flu is a hot topic this time of year and Dr. Kasey Scannell, a pediatrician at Novant Health Pediatrics Symphony Park, has a few tips for dealing with it.

Novant Health Pediatrics Symphony Park recently opened in Mint Hill at 4105 Matthews Mint Hill Road, and Scannell is one of 5 new Doctors to open the new practice.

“I think the biggest thing to recognize flu, is one, how fast it comes on. You’re pretty sick pretty quickly,” Scannell said when discussing the difference between a cold and the flu.

Other symptoms of the flu include a fever more on the higher side such as between 102 and 104 degrees, headache, chills, cough, congestion and body aches, she said.

Flu symptoms vary from person to person, but children under the age of 5 and especially under 2 years old as well as adults older than 65 are more at risk for complications related to the flu. People are welcome to contact a doctor anytime they have concerns about the flu, but some things people should pay attention to after catching the virus are if there is any distress when it comes to breathing such as having to gasp to breathe, skin changing color especially, if it’s turning white or blue, as well as dehydration and changes to mental states. Staying hydrated and getting a lot of rest are two ways to combat flu symptoms. Typically flu symptoms last around five to six days, Scannell said.

This season has seen a lot flu cases, which she suspects is probably due to the particular strain of flu people are catching. Despite this, she encourages people to get a flu shot, which can help even if people do end up getting the flu as well as fight off other strains of the flu later in the season, Scannell said.

“We start giving shots at six months of age,” she said.

The very first time someone ever gets a flu shot, it is suggested they get two shots instead of one to help their immune system adjust. From then on they will be fine just getting the one shot each season, Scannell said.

Other tips to help avoid getting the flu are to avoid close contact with those experiencing flu symptoms, keeping things clean and washing your hands regularly, she said.

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