Service, Social, Self-Improvement: The Mint Hill Women’s Club

Andree West demonstrates how to show team spirit by making a Panthers wreath.
Andree West demonstrates how to show team spirit by making a Panthers wreath.
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Imagine a club in which you can help your community, make new friends, and learn new concepts. That describes the Mint Hill Women’s Club, where friendly women get involved with our neighborhoods and benefit from lifelong learning.

The club was started in 1974 in the Farmwood neighborhood, but quickly expanded to include all women of Mint Hill. They meet the second Monday evening of the month from September through May, with more casual gatherings in the summer. The current membership of the organization is 76 women.

The emphasis on community service is strong in the Mint Hill Women’s Club. Funds are raised to provide college scholarships to deserving Mint Hill residents, and contributions are given to local agencies that enhance our town. Additionally, members volunteer their time to participate in a number of Mint Hill’s worthy endeavors.

The social aspect of the Mint Hill Women’s Club can’t be overstated. Women who join meet new friends through a number of social activities including lunches, outings, and other activities that appeal to a wide range of interests. Club president Carol Hull said, “We have a wonderful mix of long time members as well as new residents to Mint Hill.”

Along with community improvement, there is an aspect of self-improvement as well, by way of guest speakers, cultural opportunities, and enrichment activities. Recent topics have included travel tips, gardening, wreath making, table embellishment, and fashion.

If you would like more information about the Mint Hill Women’s Club, contact Carol at

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Kathy Shepler
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