Servant’s Heart continues to serve community during holidays

Kim Rhodarmer, Founder, Executive Director.
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Servant’s Heart of Mint Hill continues to provide exceptional services to our community for those families who are less fortunate than others in our area.  The local citizens and residents of Mint Hill showed their generosity in a big way during this past holiday season.

Servant’s Heart completed their 2nd Annual Christmas Assistance Program recently.  The program was a huge success with fantastic support and participation coming from the community and friends of the organization.  They were able to provide 274 children with $20,000 in new toys and gifts selected by their parents with a maximum limit of $75 per child.  Also, the organization was able to provide $75 gift certificates or cards to Target or Walmart for each teenager or college student in their home.  All recipient families must be  qualified to receive these generous donations.

Store Volunteers working the boutique.

The residents of Mint Hill supported this endeavor by showing up very graciously to provide a wonderful Christmas experience for these families and their children who otherwise would have little to offer in gifts for the Christmas holiday.  With $20,000 in toys and gift cards, there was not one primary donor.  It was a combination of the citizens of Mint Hill who made a difference.  “I’m proud to say that there was no major donor, however, numerous significant contributions made this happen,” said Kim Rhodarmer, Founder, Executive Director.

The donors consisted of various civic groups, churches, local business enterprises and the people of Mint Hill.  The organization which has only been in existence for two years is growing in its exposure and contribution it is making to the community.

Independence High School Volunteers.

The non-profit benefits greatly from their 70 weekly volunteers who provide their own free time working the backroom, organizing, tagging, ironing, stocking shelves, hanging clothes and much more including running the front store boutique.  The store operation is managed by Tracy Doyle, Community Boutique Manager who is very dedicated to ensure Servant’s Heart accomplishes their mission working in conjunction, and in close coordination with its founder and senior executive to meet their community service goals.

Backroom volunteer.

In 2017 Servant’s Heart programs have provided over $100,000 in tangible products to the community and the generosity of the citizens of Mint Hill is truly appreciated by everyone affiliated with the organization.

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