Recent Town Hall Meeting has some challenges

Mint Hill Town Hall Building.
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Town resident making a point about leaning trees along Lawyers Road. (Ed Berti)
Boys Scouts after receiving their awards from Mayor Ted Biggers. (Ed Berti)

The Mint Hill  Board of Commissioners have a lot on their plate that needs to be addressed.  What appeared to be light agenda actually had some meat behind a number of challenges the town is facing.

First, the Commissioners voted to rezone property located at 9346 and 9400 Lawyers Road from institutional back to residential zoning.  The 2 tracts totaling 21 acres are near the new Sam’s Xpress Car Wash, which was recently completed.

The two parcels were rezoned back in 2008 for the purpose of building a charter high school, however, Queens Grant High School is located on Idlewild Road where they are using the space.

With the rezoning back to residential we should expect some new single housing units to be built instead by a developer.  However, any proposal would require approval by the town.  There was concern expressed about apartments being built on the site, but Mayor Biggers mentioned the town does not allow apartment buildings in Mint Hill.  According to Brian Welch, Town Manager up to 32 homes could be built on the site.

The Board of Commissioners voted and approved to adopt a monthly meeting to be scheduled on the second Thursday of every month going forward.

The board’s previous policy was to have twice monthly meetings, however, the second meeting scheduled for the fourth Thursday usually was cancelled due to lack of town business to be discussed and addressed by the commissioners.

The board set filing fees for the upcoming November elections.  The filing fee for Mayor is $50, and the filing fee for commissioner will be $25 for candidates.

Many residents were wondering why the roundabout at Lawyers Road and Bain School Road has not been completed.  The citizens expressed concerns about pot holes, the many orange barrels can make traveling in the area confusing and particularly at night.  The response received is the NC DOT informed the contractor to halt the project temporarily due to the inclement weather we had during all the rain.  The DOT instructed the contractor to lay down the final layer of asphalt as soon as the weather improves and the road was dry.  This should be happening and the project is expected to be finished shortly.

The Board of Commissioners will hold a budget workshop meeting on Tuesday April 9th at 6:00 pm in the Flex Room, Mint Hill Town Hall building.

The Mint Hill Fire Department will become part of the town and will be needing more full time firefighters to meet the growing demands of the community.  Very similar situation to the Matthews Fire Department, they do plan to continue to have volunteer firefighters on staff.  This matter appears to be in the planning stage, however, due to lack of funding from donations to meet the cost of operations, ultimately this is expected to happen in the near future.

Also, the Town of Mint Hill is reviewing new legislation that would allow firemen with at least 30 years of service, and those who are 60 years of age or above with at least 25 years of service to retire early and receive separation benefits until their current retirement benefits kick into play.  If this new legislation, Senate Bill 179 and House Bill 278 becomes law, the town will have to calculate the impact.  The bill is also known as “Parity for First Responders” which would put firemen on an equal scale with law enforcement.

Meanwhile, the commissioners accepted the tax collector’s report, treasurer’s report and financials.  Also, the minutes of the February meeting was approved.  The Boy Scouts received a communications scout badge for their participation in attending the meeting in a lesson for civic duty.

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