Recent Mint Hill Town Hall Meeting Recap

Mayor Ted Biggers, Commissioners Tina Ross, Richard "Fig" Newton, Mike Cochrane, Dale Dalton
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Prior to the Christmas holidays the Meeting of the Board of Commissioners took place with the swearing in of elected Board Members and the Mayor Pro-Tempore Katrina (Tina) Ross. Also, newly elected Commissioner Mike Cochrane was sworn in under oath along with all the current Board Members who were re-elected including the Mayor Ted Biggers for two more years.

Also, there was a retirement ceremony for Commissioner Carl “Mickey” Ellington who was honored in a reception prior to the meeting who was elected to the Board in 1988 and has served since.  He plans to remain active in the community by putting in more time into the Mint Hill Historical Society.  Also, he plans on spending more time with family and remain active in church activities.

Retired Commissioner Carl “Mickey” Ellington and family members.

The agenda was jammed with some important items that could impact the town in the near future.  First the major discussion and decision concerning the development of 247 homes located near the Jefferson Colony and Bartlett Road area under Tax Parcel Numbers 139-361-99, 139-061-01, 139-014-02, and 139-014-01 concerning the request for conditional rezoning was postponed until January 11, 2018 by Bob Wiggins with Mattamy Homes.  This item will be on the docket again so any interested citizens should put on your calendar and confirm with the Town of Mint Hill.

Second the Public Hearing on Number ZC17-9 for Tim Finein on a 2.97 acres lot located on 3501 Matthews-Mint Hill Road for a family friendly restaurant was proposed to the Board for consideration and approval.  The petition will receive further review before any decision is made regarding this proposal.

Third a Public Hearing on Number ZC17-10 filed by SXCW Properties, LLC Sami Nafisi for 4.833 acres located at 9230 Lawyers Road, tax parcel 135-221-09 for the construction of a Sam’s Express Car Wash and Fueling Station just east of Lebanon Road by Eagle Engineering was proposed to the Board for the Town to review this project.  The enterprise plans to provide employment for six employees on all shifts.  The owners also do not plan to have a mini convenience store located on the property, but plan to have 12 bays for fueling of vehicles to meet the expected demand.

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