Recap of Recent Mint Hill Town Hall Meeting

Mayor Ted Biggers and Fire Chief David Leath accepting Bells Across America Proclamation. (Ed Berti)
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The Board of Commissioners held a meeting recently to review some open agenda items on the docket.

Mint Hill Town Hall. (Ed Berti)

The members accepted the following items, the agreement with H-GAC Cooperative Purchasing Program, the August tax collector’s report, the July treasurer’s report and financials, including the approval of the resolution for financing terms of town vehicles.

As information, the H-GAC Cooperative Purchasing Program approved by the Board of Commissioners helps local governments reduce costs.  This government-to-government service is available nationwide.  The program is available to local government entities and qualifying non-profit corporations.

Furthermore, the docket item number ZC18-10 to amend section 6.1.2 to authorize the town administrator to approve or deny easement lots filed by the Town of Mint Hill.  And, to amend section 6.6 floodplain regulations filed by the town, both items received approval.

The Mayor proclaimed and the Commissioners approved the 9/11 National Day of Service and Remembrance proclamation, including the Bells Across America for fallen firefighters proclamation.  Accepting the proclamations from Mayor Ted Biggers were Mint Hill Volunteer Fire Department Chairman, Jerry Mullis and Fire Chief, David Leath.

Regarding the bonds on the November ballot we urge all our readers and residents of Mint Hill to remain engaged and informed.  As responsible citizens we should ensure we fully understand the bond proposals and the benefits they could offer the Town of Mint Hill prior to the November vote.  This is a civic responsibility no matter if we agree or disagree with the referendums.

We recently had a discussion with Steve Frey, Town Engineer and Director Public Works.  The two key points that were made include first, the town is still working on the final details of the costing exercise.  Second, the town expects to have this estimate received by early to mid October for both the multi-purpose fields and the stadium proposal.  Also, there is a good possibility the cost estimate will show reductions in the environmental impact and earth work that needs to be completed at the construction sites.

The next upcoming open public hearings on the bond referendums are scheduled for October 3rd and October 17th in the Town Hall building beginning at 6:30 pm.  For more information please go online to the Town of Mint Hill website and click bond referendum, or contact Steve Frey at 704-545-9726 if you have any questions or concerns.

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