Recap of Mint Hill Town Hall Meeting

Mint Hill Police Chief Tim Ledford and Fire Chief. (Ed Berti)
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In a recent Mint Hill Town Hall Meeting with the Board of Commissioners and Mayor the following community topics were discussed on the agenda for public review.

Initially the tax collector’s report, treasurer’s report and financials were accepted by the members.  Furthermore, the Board accepted and approved Plantation Falls Roads  infrastructure proposal, the installation of “No Parking” signs along Mint Hill Village Lane and Town View Drive will move forward.

A public hearing on the contiguous property located at 9501 Bartlett Road, tax parcel number 139-071-04, filed by Billy and Regina Wilburn to be considered for annexation by the Town of Mint Hill was approved.

The Mint Hill Town Hall. (Ed Berti)

Public hearing on docket number ZC18-1, filed by Starr and Brian Haigler, who have requested for a conditional district rezoning to permit the construction of a Retreat Center to be located at 9518 Brief Road under various tax parcels 197-191-11, 12, 13 and 197-131- 13, 15.  This docket was deferred until the March meeting next month.

Docket number ZC18-2, filed by Reverend Shibu Cherian, requesting conditional district rezoning to permit a church located at 12601 Idlewild Road under tax parcel number 135-331-02 will need additional review.  This is a private home and neighbors do not object to the church, however, the residents have concerns about parking space to accommodate any growth beyond the 32 parking spaces currently being proposed outside the front structure.  Neighbors have an alternative property available for a parking lot located behind the church, a 0.782 acre site that would be more practical and add aesthetic value to the property involved.  Also, the residents have a concern about traffic safety in the area as the current plans on the 1.1 acre site have no provision for a turning lane.

Regarding docket number ZC17-8 filed by Bob Wiggins with Mattamy Homes requesting a conditional district rezoning to permit a large planned residential community of 247 lots, located off Jefferson Colony and Bartlett Road has been delayed for the third consecutive month and was deferred to the March 8, 2018 meeting.

Finally, Mint Hill Police Chief Tim Ledford presented award citations to the following Police Officers who performed outstanding acts of service to our community over the past year. First, Detective Wedra, a law enforcement officer for 24 years who served previously with the New York City and Garden City Police departments, joined the Mint Hill Police in 2014 was selected the departments “2017 Officer of the Year.”

Police Chief Ledford and Detective Wedra, 2017 Officer of the Year. (Ed Berti)

Officer Scarfone received an Advanced School Resource Officer Certification and works as a School Resource Officer (SRO) at the Mint Hill Middle School.  He has been with the Mint Hill Police since 2009.

Officers Lawrence, McInnis and McNamara all received citations for their outstanding work performed in the community to assist residents in life threatening situations and saved citizens lives.  Therefore, all three Officers earned and received Life Saving Awards from the department.

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