New Queen’s Grant High House Initiative Program

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The Queen’s Grant High School administration is implementing a new program for the upcoming school year.  This is a new idea that will be fluid during it’s inception and adjustments including enhancements will be made as the initiative progresses throughout the school year.

The Purpose of the program is to increase student involvement, to allow student input into activities, to create healthy competition among the houses, to improve academics and student behavior, give a greater sense of belonging, to increase school spirit and pride at the high school with about 500 students, improve interactions between faculty and students, to increase student participation in school events which includes art, debating, music, sports, theater, trivia bowls, etc.

Ideas that have been discussed include creating a competitive environment between the houses similar to a college atmosphere.  Various activities will be suggested, all activities will be posted to social media, while each house will select a name, mascot, etc.

Leadership is important and the students will select their own leaders from each house.  The advisors will be faculty and staff members.  Each faculty member will be assigned to a house to work with the students in a counseling or mentorship role.  There will also be an impartial staff group who will edit, make recommendations, and act as independent advisors to each of the houses.

Communication will be important as the channels of communication through technology tools will be used such as Google and E-mail for messaging.

Each house will have approximately 80 students in all grades.  The house positions will have the staff members serve as the Primary Head of a House and Secondary Head.  The students will elect a House Chair and House Ambassador.  There will be full house meetings monthly at a designated location.  Only house members can attend these meetings.  Each house will also appoint a committee for any specific business which could be apparel, social, competition, etc.

Finally, there will be an Inter-House competition where points will be earned as a House not by an individual member.  Points will be earned in various ways that will be announced throughout the school year from 6 points for the top winner and 1 point for the lowest house by each selected event or category.

The House names and mascots have been selected by the students and they are the following:  1. Imperial Spartans, 2. Dauntless Lions, 3. Platinum Vipers, 4. Grand Mavrix, 5. Regal Ravens, 6. Proud Dragons.

Josh Swartzlander,  QGHS College Counselor who is the leader of this initiative is looking forward to watching the program develop.  “We want to get the students to better interact, to learn team building skills, and to provide a learning environment with positive reinforcement and energy being generated.”

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