Mu Alpha Theta Math Honor Society at QGHS

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Mu Alpha Theta is a national high school and two-year college mathematics honor society founded in 1957 at the University of Oklahoma.  It’s an organization dedicated in the promotion of scholarships in mathematics while establishing math as an integral part of high school and two-year college education programs.  The organization has memberships in the USA and twenty foreign countries.

“The mission of the newly formed math club or honor society at QGHS is to continue to inspire an interest in mathematics, and the important role math plays in influencing our lives,” said Kathi McDonough, club leader and math teacher at the school.

The club at the school currently has 23 students who must to go through a rigorous qualifying process to be eligible for society membership.  Each student must have a minimum 3.0 GPA, 3.3 GPA in mathematics, and three years of high school completed.  The vast majority of all the students in the club exceed these minimum basic requirements.

The QGHS membership competed for the first time in two different math competitions and the students faired very well for first time contestants in a highly competitive environment.  The two contests were sponsored by the National Chapter of Mu Alpha Theta Honor Society, which included the Rocket City Math League, and the Log1 Math Contest.  Kathi McDonough is waiting for the results of the Log1 contest, as it was three rounds covering the months of December, January and February.

Currently the club meets every two weeks on campus, and the students and leader openly discuss and work on improving and perfecting mathematics skills.  “Also, it is an outlet for these students to enjoy math outside of the classroom in a fun learning environment while entering competitions to see how we stack up,” said Kathi McDonough.  “We enjoy playing math games similar to the television game show Jeopardy but with different categories.  It really can make things interesting and is a great way to stimulate the mind and to think fast on your feet.  It’s also cool because it’s a game and it generates positive competition and a fun atmosphere for all the participants.”

The club is currently collecting aluminum can top tabs for the Ronald McDonald House locally in Charlotte.  The students have collected approximately 10,000 tabs from the school student body and have a lofty goal of 500,000 by end of the school year.  One million is their ultimate goal;  however, this objective realistically may have to extend into next year.  So if the Mint Hill community would like to get involved, it would be a great endeavor for a good cause.  The Ronald McDonald House will defray the cost of a family staying at their home-away-from-home while a child is in a Charlotte area medical facility for treatment.  Families are stronger when they stay together, and this is never more evident than when a child is sick or injured.

Other community activities on the agenda include a mentorship program tutoring lower school children in mathematics and to assist freshman at the high school who require extra help in math subjects.

The students who have been selected to be the first Mu Alpha Theta Charter Members are the following:  Seniors, Myasia Anderson, Clayton Behymer, Jennifer DeYoung, Hannah Lee, Janiya Mills, Tucker Naumann, Jacob Spear; Juniors, Joanne Azar, Jacob Braswell, Luke Braswell, Abbi Brundrett, Maddie Donnell, Wen Ho, Zechariah Patrum, Morgan Redloske, Jessica Satink, Jenna Shepiotkina, Elizabeth Snyder, Taylor Styron, Hannah Thiak, Peyton Walker, Josiah Williams; Sophomore, Katryna Nickels.  The Officers are Jennifer DeYoung, President, Hannah Lee, Vice President, Hannah Thiak, Secretary, and Abbi Brundrett, Treasurer.






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