MOMS Club of Mint Hill tours Mint Hill Police Department

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The kids and their parents went behind the scenes for a guided tour of the daily ins and outs of the police station.
After the tour of the station, the kids got a chance to explore a police car hands-on.
[/media-credit] “They loved sitting in the police car,” said Lindsay Birmingham, mom to Alyssa and Colton. “They didn’t want to come out!”
[/media-credit] “Eli had a terrific time,” said mom Jessica Mentzer.
[/media-credit] “Here’s hoping this is the only time Caleb is in the back of a police car!” said Mom Erica Larter.
[/media-credit] The tour was organized by two-year MOMS Club member Kaitlyn Betts, mom to Caleb.
[/media-credit] The tour ended with gift bags for the children filled with coloring books that addressed topics like stranger danger and bullying, keychains, pencils and fidget spinners.
[/media-credit] Officer Neal was happy to take photos with the children.
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