Mint Hill Meeting of the Board of Commissioners

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The Mint Hill Board of Commissioners met recently on June 8th to discuss some important agenda items.  There were certain approvals granted by the members and the community should be aware of what to expect in the upcoming months ahead.

The Board (A) accepted the April treasurer’s report and financials,  (B) Accepted the May Tax Collector’s report, (C) Agreed to the budget amendments, (D) Accepted the sidewalk project list for fiscal year 2017, (E) Agreed to accept the fire department job descriptions, (F) Accepted employee incentive policy, (G) Approved the Police and Fire department budgets.

The YTD total number of calls the Fire department has responded upon is 2020 as of this meeting.  In the month of May Rescue and EMS responded to 348 calls, while there were 147 fire related calls.

There will be a hearing on the Town of Mint Hill budget for fiscal year ending June 30, 2018.  The Board agreed to consider adopting the fiscal year budget for the Town of Mint Hill promptly.

The Planning Board has given its approval and favorable recommendation to move forward on No. ZC17-2 filed by the property owner requesting residential conditional district zoning (R)(CD) to permit a bed and breakfast establishment on the property located at 10450 Brief Road.

Regarding the Roundabout on Highway 51 Matthews-Mint Hill Road and Idlewild Road all the environmental requirements have been accomplished and satisfied.  Also, the Town of Mint Hill’s original obligation was $162,500 plus any overages for the project.  The town’s new terms are more favorable with a maximum of $220,000 as a total obligation.  The Town has already paid $135,250 toward the project.

The Board of Commissioners are considering the purchase of additional property located at 5117 Wilgrove-Mint Hill Road under parcel No. 137-051-07.  The parcel consists of 8 acres of land designed to compliment the current Wilgrove Park facility.  The plan is to add more walking trails for local citizens in our parks for recreation and enjoyment.

More information on this property can be viewed with photos by going on-line to the Town of Mint Hill website.  Also, photos and drawings of the Roundabout can be found and are readily available for public viewing.

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