Mint Hill Meeting of the Board of Commissioners

Mint Hill Town Hall.
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After the elections the Board of Commissioners held an important Town Hall meeting resolving various rezoning issues on the agenda.  The following docket items were approved by the Board.

Mayor Biggers and Tina Ross.

A. Street acceptance for the Meadows at Cheval .  B. Streets acceptance and reduction of Speed Limit to 25 MPH for Ravenscroft subdivision.  C. Streets acceptance for the Green Meadows subdivision.  D. Streets acceptance for the Windsor Hall subdivision.  E. Board approved of “No Parking” signs in Brighton Park subdivision.  F. The Board accepted the October Tax Collector’s Report.  G. World Pancreatic Cancer Day Proclamation was approved.

Packed seating in Town Hall.

The entire Town Hall main meeting room was jam packed including the overflow room with residence from the Jefferson Colony community.  There was a public meeting to discuss docket ZC17-8, filed by Bob Wiggins with developer Mattamy Homes who is planning to build 247 homes on a 125 acre site located off of Bartlett Road and Jefferson Colony.  The brick ranch styled homes will range in price starting in the mid $300K’s.  The developer is requesting a conditional rezoning permit to build this large residential community.  The new neighborhood would have two homes to each acre with various amenities, walking paths geared toward empty nesters who are primarily baby boomers.  Therefore, an estimate of possibly 500 added vehicles in the area spilling off onto Route 218 daily located across from Veterans Memorial Park. There potentially will be three different entrances in an out of the community, however, one road is planned to transit through the Jefferson Colony neighborhood connecting to Route 218.

Developer addressing audience in Town Hall.

Jefferson Colony is a nice quiet middle class community with only local traffic and the recommended thoroughfare would increase the traffic pattern through the entire neighborhood on Jefferson Colony Road.  The residents are requesting the town planners and commissioners in conjunction with the builder to find another alternative.  Since the parcel sits off the interstate where the citizens during this past spring enjoyed the Rodeo off I-485, there could be an entrance off highway 51 instead or another option for consideration.  Many of the residents have lived in the community for decades and do not want to disrupt their unique family friendly peaceful neighborhood.  The Mayor, Commissioners, Planning Board and Town Manager will review the citizen’s request and acknowledged their real traffic concerns.  We will stay on top of this matter and observe how this project develops and it’s impact upon the community.

A decision on docket ZC16-6, filed by Randy Briscoe, Greater Life Church, requesting conditional district rezoning to permit a Church at 3821 and 3901 Matthews-Mint Hill Road, on tax parcel numbers 135-331-09 and 139-014-01 was approved.

There was a decision made on docket ZC17-7 filed by Shelly and Dave Shaeffer requesting a text amendment to Section 2.4 terms defined in this ordinance and related sections regarding livestock to differentiate standard goats from miniature goats.  The town agreed to allow a maximum of 4 miniature goats to 1.0 acre of land.

Finally, Police Chief Ledford requested the Board to adopt an ordinance related to panhandling within the town limits, the request was deemed appropriate and approved to crack down and eliminate this nuisance.

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