Mint Hill Mayor and Commissioners Celebrate Small Business Saturday

Stately Mint Hill Town Hall. (Ed Berti)
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The Town of Mint Hill in the October 11th Meeting of the Board of Commissioners approved the proposal to proclaim and celebrate Small Business Saturday on November 24, 2018.

The purpose of the proclamation is to give recognition and support to our local small business owners and the contributions they make in our local economy and community.  Some interesting statistics from the United States Small Business Administration shows there are currently 30.2 million small business in our nation, they represent 99.7 percent of all businesses with employees in the country and they are responsible for 65.9 percent of net new jobs created between 2000 to 2017.

Additional facts include 90% of consumers say Small Business Saturday has had a positive impact upon their communities and 89% say the day encourages them to support small business all year long.  Another 73% of consumers shop these independently owned

Mint Hill Mayor Ted Biggers.

retailers and restaurants with family and friends.  While 64% simply want to support local merchants and businesses in their local community.

Small businesses certainly create jobs, boost the local economy and help to preserve our local neighborhoods and communities having a positive impact on our current economic growth due to fewer regulations and economic expansion.

Key items on the agenda docket that were all unanimously approved by the Board of  Commissioners include (A) Sewer easement with Charlotte Water; (B) NC DOT resolution to acquire Quail Park Drive for Town Maintenance; (C) Accept the revision of the November and December 2018 meeting schedule for the Board of Commissioners; (D) Accept the September Tax Collectors Report; and (E) Accept August Treasurer’s Report and Financials.

A summary of tax collections during the month of September 2018 include the following:

Current/Prior Year Real Estate/Personal Property – $253,055.26

Interest/Registered Motor Vehicle Tax/Fee (less 1.5%) – $76.71

Total Amount Collected During September 2018 –  $253,131.97

Note: (1) Personal Property means other than registered motor vehicles; (2) The State  Statutes allow the County to receive 1.5% for billing/collecting vehicle tax/fee.

Regarding docket number ZC18-9 filed by Meritage Homes, requesting a conditional district rezoning to permit a planned residential community of up to 81 lots, located west of Walter Nelson Road, west of Twilight Drive and South Birchill Road, a portion of tax parcel number 135-312-02 was approved.  The Planning Board unanimously made a favorable decision with a recommendation based on the agreement reached between the Town and developer on the improvement of Walter Nelson Road.  Also, the proposed plan is consistent with the Land Use Plan which includes (1) density neutral component (no more than 2 units per acre); (2) the preservation of open space; (3) the perimeter buffers.

Finally, a proposal discussed regarding adopting additions to the animal control ordinance to prohibit dogs from being on a leash or invisible fencing on a property owners front yard.  Basically, the ordinance would encourage and enforce dogs and animals to be kept in the property owners back yard.  Of course safely and securely connected to a long leash, or inside a fenced yard, or invisible fencing would be the preferred options for responsible animal owners.

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