Mint Hill Historical Society Barn Raising Watch

Framing going up at the site. (Paul Imirie)
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The Mint Hill Historical Society under not the best weather conditions are starting to make some real progress with the “Barn Raising Project” at the site located within the Carl J. McEwen Village grounds.

Construction is moving along nicely and we are now beginning to see the framing being added to a solid foundation. The crews have been working tirelessly to remain on schedule in spite of the inclement weather recently. However, with warmer temperatures expected next week with better weather forecasts, more progress is expected to be made.

The Historical Society is still seeking volunteers to assist with staining boards and to help with basic handyman assistance if you are interested and have the basic skills required to help at the project. Also, donations are always welcome and very much appreciated to contribute to reducing the cost or making additional improvements to the project.

The Mint Hill Historical Society’s Facebook page will continue to have updates as the project goes through different stages of construction. Each phase has been laid out by the planners to completion and it will be interesting to follow and watch how it all comes together.

For more information, please contact Suzanne McDonald, Director of Administration at 704-573-0726, or go to the website online at

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