Meeting Of The Board Of Commissioners

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Meeting Of The Board Of Commissioners

Town Of Mint Hill, North Carolina

Mint Hill Town Hall – 4430 Mint Hill Village Lane

March 12, 2020, 7:00 P.M.

1. Call To Order

2. Invocation And Pledge Of Allegiance

3. Addition, Deletion Or Arrangement Of Agenda Items

4. Approve Minutes Of The February 7-8, 2020 Retreat Minutes And The February 13, 2020 Board Of Commissioners Regular Meeting

5. Consent Agenda: (A) Accept New Date And Time Of The Park And Recreation Meetings; (B) Accept February Tax Collector’s Report; (C) Accept January Treasurer’s Reports And Financials; (D) Approve Resolution Concerning Exchange Of Property With Byfirorenzasai Mint Hill, Llc; (E) Approve Contract Award For Town Hall And Police Department Generator Project; (F) Acceptance Of Mint Hill Commons Streets; (G) Approve Resolution Concerning Sale Of Personal Property To Kershaw County, South Carolina; And, (H) Accept Mint Hill Historical Society’s Request For The Noise Ordinance Waiver During The Mint Hill Rodeo

6. Public Hearing On #Zc20-1, Filed By Dennis Terry, Bloc Design, For Mecklenburg County, To Rezone Property Located At 8320 Mayerling Drive For A Park, Tax Parcel #135-131-01*

7. Public Hearing On #Zc20-2, Filed By Jonathan Reed, Paragon Landscape Management, To Rezone Property Located At 13216 Albemarle Road From Bg To B-G (Cd), Tax Parcel # 137-153-07 And 137-153-21*

8. Public Comments**

9. Other Business/Council Matters


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