Independence JROTC Holds 12th Annual Patriot Drill Meet Classic

Awards on Display.
Drill team in action.
Cadets saluting inside tundra at Independence High School.

The Independence High School Air Force Junior ROTC program held it’s 12th Annual Patriot Classic on Saturday March 9th on the schools campus grounds.  There were 14 schools who participated and competed in the Drill Meet from North and South Carolina.

There were medals and awards presented to the various teams and the competition was fierce, but the camaraderie, the attention to detail, the pomp and circumstance of military drilling is always a stimulating and patriotic event.

Espirit de corps was shown throughout the meet by all the competing drill teams.  The pride and honor shared by each team, also, as a group in marching and drilling was outstanding throughout the morning event.

The Independence AFJROTC program continues to define our youth in many areas important for character building and developing skills that will serve the cadets well beyond their high school days into adulthood.

The program is focused on developing citizens of character to serving their nation and local community.  The instructors teach Air Force core values of integrity, service before self, and excellence in all endeavors.

The cadets learn valuable life lessons while they serve their community in various projects, attend special events and participate in local parades and military ceremonies when called upon by the local American Legion or VFW Post.

The academic curriculum is just as vigorous as they learn about aerospace science and technology taught by certified professionals who have served and retired from the United States Air Force.

Meanwhile, they are taught the value of self discipline, leadership skills, team building experiences and compete in drill meets, including intramural competition along with field trips and various training opportunities.  This includes the highly recognized Boys and Girls  State Summer Programs which are always noticed on college applications as an asset to have on a students college application.

For more information about this excellent program for high school age youth please contact Lieutenant Colonel Jeffrey J. Jenkins, USAF (Retired), Senior Aerospace Science instructor at if your student has an interest.  The student can also contact the Colonel on campus to discuss in more detail.