Independence JROTC celebrate annual banquet

N.C. House Representative D. Craig Horn from the 68th District is the featured guest speaker. (Ed Berti)
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Indy Principal David Legrand, Mrs. Jenkins, LTC Jeffrey Jenkins.  (Ed Berti)
Indy Canon, cadets and guests in the Atrium. (Ed Berti)
LTC Jeffrey Jenkins addressing the cadets. (Ed Berti)
Cadets at attention and salute the Presidents table. (Ed Berti)

Once again the Independence High School Air Force JROTC program and the cadre of cadets celebrated their annual dinner dance at the atrium cafeteria on campus.

The guest speaker for this years event was the Honorable D.Craig Horn, North Carolina House of Representatives, 68th District.  His message was bold to the cadets to reach for the stars, become leaders and encouraged them to set an example for others to follow.  The Army Officers Training motto is simply “Follow Me” and he drove this point home.

Other dignitaries on hand included Lieutenant Colonel Jeffrey “Silky” Jenkins, retired USAF, and Commander of the school JROTC program, Independence High School Principal David Legrand, and retired USAF Master Sergeant, Romain Bell, Military Instructor at the school in the JROTC program.  Both military men teach aerospace science and leadership to the cadets.

Also, we should give a huge thank you and kudos to the culinary staff and students at Independence who made a delicious dinner for all the cadets an guests.  The Student Council and Dream Team members where on hand and specials thanks for their support and hospitality.

There were various fun activities prior, during, and after dinner whereby cadets where called upon to act out different roles in an environment of good spirit and comradeship.  This type of activity builds character, self confidence, and provides an opportunity to enjoy one another’s company in a fun filled atmosphere.  Also, it is all part of self awareness, individualism, and team building in a low key situation.  After the dinner, and respectfully listening to the guest speaker, the doors opened up, the music and dancing would begin.

The JROTC program is built upon traditional values of the USAF which is integrity first, service before self, and in excellence in all endeavors.  The curriculum’s focus is on Air Force heritage, the development of flight, applied flight sciences, military aerospace policies and space exploration.

Broadly, the curriculum includes solid academic studies, builds character, provides life skills, leadership skills, team building, intramural competition, community projects and much more.  The program’s foundation is designed around three pillars, academics, leadership and wellness education.

For many of these young student cadets this is an excellent opportunity to obtain the necessary skills required to become good solid citizens, instill responsibility and accountability, the importance of self-discipline, to better understand and respect others, while learning the value of the human spirit and Americanism.

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