Independence holds Victory Day for Teens with special needs

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On Thursday Indy’s head football coach Mike Natoli, his staff, cross-country coach Amanda Hawthorne and volleyball coach Victoria Whitwell along with the Indy cheerleaders held  Indy’s first “Victory Day.”

This was a special day at Independence High School.  This event was one of coach Natoli’s programs and with the help of his staff and the other coaches, Principal Legrand and Athletic Director Ashley, they welcomed teens with special needs to Independence High School to take part in a field day event that was held on the football field.

Each participant was introduced by the “voice of the Patriots” and got to run through the Patriots’ tunnel onto the field where they were welcomed by the cheerleaders and the football team.

Numerous activities were available to each teen.  Kicking and passing the football, hitting the blocking dummies and getting their faces painted by the cheerleaders seemed to be at the top of the list.  However, the biggest event the teens enjoyed was being able to run the football against the Patriots’ football team.  Every one of the participants lined up for this event and enjoyed running for a touchdown.  Some even had a touchdown dance they performed in the end zone.  For our teens in wheelchairs – – – not a problem. Members of the football team and coach Whitwell made sure each one scored a touchdown.

Each member took part in a picnic type lunch.  Everyone received a Victory Day tee-shirt and a participation medal.

After seeing the smiles on these kids faces and the pride that the players and cheerleader took working with these teens, the hard work of the coaches and the school officials, it was truly a great day to be a Patriot!

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