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Honor the Warriors, an organization to help disabled veterans, has been awarded a $100,000 grant by the State Veteran Grants Dept. Spearheaded by State Senator Kathy Harrington, her staffers looked at the organization and endeavored to help Honor the Warriors reach its goals. The money will be used to buy special bikes for the disabled veterans, and a trailer in which to haul them.

Special bikes can be operated by hand

In addition, Honor the Warriors will be receiving a generous $5,000 grant from the Town of Mint Hill.

According to Jerry Morris, CEO of Honor the Warriors, the organization’s purpose is to give back to disabled veterans for the sacrifices they made. Their main thrust is through “bicycle therapy”, giving the veterans a chance to be with others, get exercise for muscles which may otherwise atrophy, and build lifelong relationships.

According to Jerry, these therapeutic bikes are costly. “Recumbent trikes can cost over $1,500, while the hand cycles made for someone who cannot use his or her legs start at $5,000. Not many people could afford that.” Honor the Warriors has four board members, including Jerry, Nicholas Riggins, Glenn McClary, and John Faust. No one on the board draws a salary; all funds raised and donations given go into the goals of the organization.

Jerry, who spent 14 years in the US Army, said that homecoming veterans often lose their feeling of camaraderie and sense of achievement. Through the effort of Honor the Warriors for the last seven years, many veterans have been able to recapture that sense of belonging and purpose. “Of all the things I’ve done in my life, this has been the most fulfilling,” Jerry stated.

Beyond giving the capability of riding with others, the organization plans four events every year, the fourth being their most widely attended, a Veteran’s Day ride on October 27 and 28. For more information, see honorthewarriors.org, or find it on Facebook: honorthewarriors.

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