Hey Look What I Can Do

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“Maybe, I am not sure, what if, I do not think I can”. These are all of the one-liners I hear when people walk into our Martial Art and Fitness center after I ask them if they want to try a free class. This directly indicates to me they are going to make an excuse as to why they should not strive toward health. I have learned in my many years as an athlete that if an individual does not conclude that they want it, then, it will likely not happen. Do not take me the wrong way, there are a select few that may need a slight nudge to get moving, however rare.

There are also times when I meet folks that are so motivated that I cannot even give them a tour of the facility before they have the pen in hand ready to sign up. An amazing example of this, is the Mint Hill Times one and only Ed Berti. From the moment Ed and I met, it was clear that he was driven and motivated to do and learn more. Ed continuously reminded me to find ways to include seniors in our martial school. My initial reaction was, Ed anyone can do this. He hesitantly and subtly would argue with me about what the perception and effort it would take for a senior to participate in martial arts.

With time, I began to think about Ed’s advice, and decided that maybe we should add a Sr. Fit class focused on martial basics, and abbreviated fitness. I ran this idea by Ed, and he loved it, to the point where he became our test subject for building a fitness class suitable to our senior neighbors. With Ed’s continual input, feedback, and drive we have been able to build a suitable program focused on senior health and fitness.

Regarding Ed, he has a proven dedication and relentlessness that I have not seen before. He is always early and ready for class, or his lesson to start. He learns very quickly, has graduated from “soft” basics to more advanced combinations and movements. Cor Fitness MMA is grateful for what Ed has done to help us to continue to grow in the Mint Hill community. We look forward to many more sessions with Ed, his wife Judy and furthermore look forward to meeting you as well.

Cor Fitness MMA is located in the Lawyers Square Shopping center next to Dollar General. We are a 10,000 square foot facility that specializes in Martial Arts and Fitness. We always joke, from the outside we look small, but come through the doors to get an idea of what we offer.

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