Former Independence Track Star to MMA Fighter

Alexis Flaherty holding her trophy with coaches Boncore and Roman.
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Alexis Flaherty who graduated from Independence High School in 2014 is a former track star who still holds school records in the 100, 200 meter Sprint events along with the 100 and 200 meter Hurdles and was an anchor in the 4 by 100 Relay.  “Track taught me discipline and to push myself to improve my performance.  Track is similar to fighting as it’s really up to yourself to work hard, get better, faster and stronger,” said Alexis.  She also was a straight A student with perfect attendance, another testimony to her work ethic. Her passion is good life health choices including food.  She recently graduated with a culinary arts degree to pursue a career that will combine both her passions.

Alexis in preparation for her first match.

A year ago Alexis walked into Cor Fitness MMA and enjoyed learning and training in the martial arts.  She has progressed quickly and has dedicated herself to learning all possible in her new found passion.  Tony Boncore, one of Alexis coaches stated, “everybody is a fighter in their own realm, all people are fighting for something, be it an illness, a promotion, or to get back into shape.  She is no different, she is a fighter, fighting to prove what she is truly capable of accomplishing,” said Boncore.  Another coach Juan Roman noticed Alexis working out, he encouraged her to start to take more striking and grappling classes and develop her overall martial arts skills.  She worked with Paulo Mushu, her Brazilian style Jiu-Jitsu professor who mentioned she was a quick learner and easy to coach.  Alexis accepted the challenge put in front of her, and has progressed to become an up and coming MMA amateur prospect.

Alexis with fellow kickboxing students at Cor Fitness MMA.

Flaherty took to the cage recently in Salem Virginia for her first fight contest.  She entered the closed octagon for the first time extremely confident and well prepared by her excellent coaches.  She learned how difficult it is to prepare for a match, the hours of training, the discipline, changing your food and nutrition intake, “the hardest challenge is the internal battle, there are moments of doubt and self-deception, especially when you are pushed to the edge, can I do this, it’s to hard, but you overcome stay focused and keep your eye on the goal, I have learned how capable I truly can become,” said Alexis.

Alexis ready to rumble.

This journey has been a life changing experience, it will impact her in a positive way for the rest of her life.  Her final remarks were, “I do not know what you are going through, or what challenges are ahead, just know when you are focused, work hard, and have the right mindset you too will win your fight.”

When the cage door closed behind her, Alexis did not disappoint.  She dominated her opponent in all three rounds of the match.  She won the contest by a unanimous decision to accomplish her objective.  Alexis will consider her options going forward, however, she plans on continuing with her new adventure.

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