Final Mint Hill Town Hall Meeting of the Year

Boy Scouts from Troop 144 Jesse Bullock and Tim Owen. (Ed Berti)
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It was the final Mint Hill Board of Commissioners meeting of 2018.  The agenda was packed, however, most of the business conducted required approval from the Commissioners for various outstanding items.

The Board members approved the following items on the docket.  They accepted the October and November Treasurer’s reports and financials, the Tax Collector’s report, they agreed to consider declaring a portion of tax parcel number 137-301-22 as surplus property, and they agreed to adopt a 25 MPH speed limit for the Hidden Forest neighborhood.

On a separate docket the Board of Commissioners approved the appointments to the Board of Adjustment for another year.

A petition was filed under number ZC18-12 by Bailey W. Patrick, the developer is requesting a text amendment to section 5.2 (Table 5.2-1 Principal Permitted Uses), to allow a Health Club, Spa, and Gymnasium by-right in the I-G district.  The 24,000 square foot Building facility is expecting to rent space to 4 or 5 potential tenants.  Cross Fit has expressed an interest for 5,000 square feet and their are other possible workout and fitness enterprises who might have an interest in renting space.  The building developers are moving ahead with the project on speculation, that if they build it the renters will come.

The developers at Clear Creek have about 100 acres of land available and currently their are only two facilities located on the property Rocky River High School and Clear Creek Rehabilitation Center.

Meanwhile, two young men from Boy Scout Troop 144 located at Blair Road United Methodist Church were recognized by Mayor Ted Biggers who are working on completing their merit badge in communication.  They are Timothy Owen and Jesse Bullock.

The first meeting for 2019 is currently schedule for Thursday January 10th after the holidays for the Board of Commissioners to discuss and begin working on the towns business.

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