COR Fitness MMA Competitve and Dominant at New Breed Tournament

Cor Fitness owner Tony Boncore and son with Paulo Elsimaani Professor, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.
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The team from COR Fitness MMA located in Mint Hill made a great showing at the recent New Breed Tournament against excellent competition.  The group earned many gold and  silver medals while proving to be a leading team with tremendous martial arts skills showing outstanding sportsmanship.

This group of professional instructors and trainers led by principal owner Tony Boncore, who has been a top caliber athlete his entire life in various sports at high levels of competition is dedicated to families and martial arts enthusiasts.  He is a family man who is passionate about fitness and teaching the skills required for self defense.

Paulo Elsimaani, a fourth degree Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu black belt who has competed and won in international competition, was a Pan American World Champion, holds many other championship honors and has decades of experience instructing students.  He has trained under the sports greatest practitioners.

Alex Kearschner, an instructor of Muay Thai, Karate and fitness is a young man who is dedicated to his craft.  Alex holds multiple black belts in a variety of karate based martial arts.  He is also an accomplished Muay Thai Kickboxer who has competed and won many local tournaments.  He has five years of dedicated instructional experience.

So if your family is looking to learn and train together, COR might just be the perfect place for you.  It’s a large facility with 9,000 square feet to meet your every need.  There is certainly something for everyone, including seniors who want to remain fit and learn some valuable self defense techniques.

In the world of technology our youth are becoming more reliant on video games and social media which seems to occupy a lot of their time.  The days of going outside to play really are no longer the norm in today’s world.  COR can offer an opportunity for physical activity beyond the usual sports for our youth to become active participants while learning loyality, dedication and respect.

There are various youth programs available with belt rankings from beginner to advanced which are absolutely earned by each individual student when in the instructor’s professional judgement feels the student his ready for promotion from one belt to a higher degree belt.

Each class has structure, kids learn the fundamentals all under professional supervision to build character, physical and mental strength.  Having a positive mental attitude is key to success in the martial arts along with discipline and building confidence.

On Saturday September 23rd, 2017 COR Fitness MMA’s own will be on Center Stage Noda on 23 Davidson Street to compete and show the 3 COR values in action which are Loyalty, Dedication and Respect.  Go to their website or call 704-526-0878.

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