Chaplain Albert Leath
Chaplain Albert Leath
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The first Tuesday of each month can only mean one thing: Coffee With a Cop.

However, this time it was more like crepes with a cop, since Irene’s Cafe owner, Kidane Sayfou, was kind enough to make complimentary crepes for all the men and women in uniform.

Albert Leath, one of Mint Hill Police’s three chaplains was there to participate in the dialogue. He has been chaplain since 2003 when the Mint Hill Police Force was formed. He serves both as a counselor and a bereavement liaison, helping people deal with bad news. “Nobody wants to see me coming,” he said.

The position is rewarding though, as he not only helps people in dire need, but gets to know the families in Mint Hill.

Officer M. Ponarico attends these coffees as often as he can. As a newbie to the police department, he said it helps him get in touch with the community and hear their opinions on situations they are dealing with. He feels more plugged in to the residents of Mint Hill.

“Coach Florence” Miller stopped in to chat with the officers. She was talking to them about the challenge they face in getting Mint Hill residents to lock their car doors to thwart robberies.

At the same time, Mint Hill resident Mike Rensic was sharing a neighborhood concern with another group of officers.

It was impressive to see the friendly comradery between members of the town and members of the police force. Then, coffee and crepes consumed, the officers went back out into the community to ensure the safety of its residents.

Sgt. Marne Moberg shares a joke with Chaplain Leath
[/media-credit] Sgt. Marne Moberg shares a joke with Chaplain Leath
"Coach Florence" Miller
“Coach Florence” Miller
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