Butler Army JROTC has huge annual award ceremony

Bulldog Battalion Cadets on stage. (Ed Berti)
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The Butler High School Army JROTC program conducted its Annual Award and Change of Command Ceremony recently at the campus auditorium.  The festivities began with the recipients being recognized with various national, scholastic and special awards presented to the cadets who were selected for their hard work and dedication.  After the major awards were presented recognition was then given to all the cadets for their commitment to the Bulldog Battalion receiving their annual individual awards.

Cadets with Medal Award tray. (Ed Berti)

The evening culminated with four separate ceremonies to recognize the new incoming staff, the new senior ranking enlisted member, new detachment leadership, and the new battalion commander.

Gary Ajets presenting the MOAA Award. (Alan Burgess)

The Bulldog Army JROTC program is designed to promote and build character, leadership, integrity, teamwork, patriotism, self-reliance, physical fitness, marksmanship, and managerial skills.  Also, through community service projects and educational activities to motivate young cadets to become better citizens.

Awards Ceremony on stage. (Army Bulldog photo)

The National and Special Awardees were the following.

Highest scores in the JROTC Cadet Challenge were Cadets Briston Johnson, Jake Joyner, and Ashton Smith.

Carolina Freedom Foundation Excellence Award for scholastic, citizenship, and leadership.  The recipients were Cadets Carlos Cervantes, Scholastic, David Schaefer, Citizenship, and Karen Molina, Leadership.

Superior Cadet Award to Maxwell Petersen, Senior Class, Daniel Ordonez, Junior Class, Sofia Brotherton, Sophomore Class, Thomas McMillion, Freshman Class.

Director of Military Instruction Distinguished Cadet Award to Cadet Jake Escarcha.

Daughters of the American Revolution to Cadet Jenna Donaldson.

American Legion Award for Scholastic Excellence to Cadet Jake Escarcha.

American Legion Award for Military Excellence to Cadet Carlos Cervantes.

National Sojourners Award to Cadet Jordan Jackson.

Scottish Right of Freemasonry Award to Cadet Selina Zubko.

Military Officer of Association Award to Cadet Cheyenne Coulter.

Army National Guard Resiliency Award to Cadet Owen Danner.

Sons of American Revolution for Excellence to Cadet Ryan Kenyon.

NonCommissioned Officer Association Award to Cadet Heather Maravilla.

Reserve Officer Association Award to Cadet Thomas Smith.

Military Order of Purple Heart to Veronika Jordan.

Veteran of Foreign Wars Award to John Matthews

Daedalian JROTC Award to Karen Molina.

Daughters of 1812 Award to Cheyenne Coulter.

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